UserPeek is a remote user testing platform for UX designers. It allows you to collect user insights from websites, apps, and digital products.

Updated on May 4th, 2024


These user insights can include a better understanding of user behavior, preferences, and pain points, for example.

What is UserPeek used for?

The first thing you need to know is that UserPeek is used to conduct remote user testing. It is not a tool you take with you into a real-world usability lab.

What I like best about the tool is its recording and transcribing feature. Back in the day, I had to do all of this by hand. Not anymore when using UserPeek.

Is it professional to use UserPeek for user testing?

Absolutely. There's nothing wrong with using UserPeek. The remote user research market is more open than the prototyping tools market (where Figma is king).

That means other designers and clients are more open to using a new tool. So, go ahead and use UserPeek if you feel that it is the right research tool for you.

What makes UserPeek different from other user testing tools?

My favorite UserPeek features are its ability to handle all of the research output (text-to-speak, for example), how it handles tasks and scenarios, and the unmoderated testing feature.

I've not seen that on any other user testing platform before. Some have one or two of the features I mentioned, but not all of them.

Can UserPeek replace traditional user testing methods?

While UserPeek is an excellent tool for remote user testing, it will not replace traditional in-person interviews or studies in a usability lab.

UserPeek is an extra tool in your designer toolkit when in-person user testing isn't possible. This might happen when you work remotely, for example.

Is UserPeek easy for beginners to use?

Yes, I found UserPeek to be easy to learn. They're very clear about their features and how everything works.

One thing to remember, though, is that being a UX researcher isn't easy. So, while understanding UserPeek is a good start, you'll also need a good understanding of UX research methods to make full use of this tool.

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