UX Dictionary is made by designers to help you learn about UX. You can be an aspiring designer or someone working with designers. Regardless, we've got you covered.

For whom is this website

This website is made for two specific cases. The first one is the aspiring designer. Let's say you want to transition into UX or just learn more about the subject. When talking to other designers, mentors, and managers, you'll hear a lot of new words.

The second one is of the person working together with UX designers. Most of these people have a basic understanding of UX, but obviously not as much as a seasoned professional.

In both cases, these people could use some help understanding some of the main UX keywords. And that's where UX Dictionary comes in.

On this website, you can add new keywords and contribute to existing keywords on this website. You don't have to be a designer to do so.

As a result, this website will grow over time to include a long list of community-driven UX keywords that helps people understand UX better.

UX Dictionary on Product Hunt

Earlier this year, we launched UX Dictionary on Product Hunt. As a result, we've gathered some very useful feedback that we can now use to improve our website.

We've made it to the #5 Product of the Week, and for that, we're very grateful and proud. So thanks for your support, and keep an eye out for more updates soon!

UX Dictionary - Better understand UX in this community-built UX dictionary | Product Hunt

The team

UX Dictionary has been created by Nick Groeneveld. He's a designer and mentor with years of experience in UX, service designer, and consulting. He's working on multiple projects aimed at helping the design community grow.

The idea of UX Dictionary came to him after dozens of mentor meetings where he noticed a pattern in questions asked. There's a lot of overlap in what aspiring designers want to learn. That's why he created this website.

Frequent contributors

UX Dictionary is a community-driven platform. People who spend a lot of time helping us grow this platform will be mentioned here.

Mattia Navacchia

Mattia is a Service and Interaction Design living in Milan, Italy. With a strong background in Computer Science and coding, he pivoted to design and attended an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction in the UK.

He is passionate about design research and getting deep into people's struggles, needs, and goals to craft the right user experience.