Figma is one of the most used prototyping and design tools in the UI and UX design world. It is a primarily web-based tool with a strong focus on collaborating with other designers and stakeholders.

Updated on December 2nd, 2022


What is Figma used for?

Figma is a very versatile tool that you can use for anything design related. This includes responsive design for websites and landing pages, mobile app design, icon and logo design, design prototypes, branding content, design systems, and much more.

If you take that whole list, you'll see that most designers use Figma for UI-related design work, like landing pages and app design. Design systems are less common but gaining in popularity within Figma.

And finally, branding and logo design is popular with Figma's competitor Canva. However, you can do that in Figma as well.

Is Figma better than Adobe XD?

When comparing Figma and Adobe on multiple aspects, like collaboration, pricing, and ease of use, you can say that Figma is a better, more complete design tool than Adobe XD. Let's take a closer look.

After working with many designers, I've noticed that most of them have found Figma easier to use. And after using both for years, I can only agree with them.

Collaborating with other users in Figma is just super easy to do. All you need to do is share a link with another designer, and you're ready to go. Adobe XD works similarly but could be more intuitive.

Another important reason why Figma is better than Adobe XD is that more designers use Figma than Adobe XD.

This sounds strange because it doesn't say anything about the quality of both tools. However, you will likely connect to other designers if you learn Figma first. That's a plus for Figma.

One final thing to mention is that both Figma and Adobe XD have free versions. But when you go for the paid version, Adobe XD is cheaper than Figma.

Is Figma free?

Yes, Figma is free to use. As a free user, you can create a project that includes up to three Figma files and three Figjam files. You can create unlimited projects.

You can upgrade to a paid version of Figma if you need more features. There's also a company version if you need to work with more designers and clients.

Is Figma difficult to learn?

No, Figma is not difficult to learn. It is a very intuitive tool, even for those who have only recently started a design career.

The interface of Figma is straightforward and helps you focus on what you need to do. At the same time, very extensive documentation is available online if you need extra help.

If you already know another design tool, like Adobe XD or Sketch, transitioning into Figma is even easier. You already know your design fundamentals, so you only need to learn some new shortcuts and menu positions.

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